Photoshoot with Julia

Often, when you are getting your portrait taken, it is a moment of levelling up. There is something new. An exciting launch. A push for your business or creative idea. Or even just an internal change or a desire for posterity. 

My intention with your photos is to carry you through that with awareness and expertise and leave you with photos that you keep coming back to. 

The shoot consists of an initial consultation. Taking a photo that's authentic calls for a surrender, on both sides of the lens. That comes naturally from getting to know you a little bit, understanding what makes you feel most centred and simply seeing how the light hits your face.

Once that's done, we can plan a vision for the shoot - sometimes it's a simple outline, or a full visionboard, depending on the scale. 

You can start by provisionally booking your ideal timeslot below and answering some simple questions. The booking is made in 2 hour increments and additional time can be scheduled when needed. 

I am based in Galway city, and available nationally and internationally.